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How To Develop Yourself To Get On Top Of An Income?

Everyone aspires for the best and often think about ways to improve our production, which returns us moral and material benefit, but the improvement of the physical income and an abundance of money earned requires us to know the correct way for the sake of it, and this principle is the oldest you, dear reader, are very important
Brexit Money Machine review tips to increase your income and improve conditions your life which are as follows:

Millionaires Code
Millionaires Code

How to develop yourself to get on top of an income?
Upgrade yourself:

It is very necessary before you consider anything that is working to develop yourself, and I think it is best for the beginning step towards improving the physical life, and have it over many of them and so many ways:

Learning a new language.
Proficiency in computer work.
Proficiency in one of the programs which is one of the necessities of life these days, for example, as a platform for accounting.
Attend sessions to help you achieve the best in business Brexit Money Machines Scam productivity and the other in the field of human resources, management or marketing and sales.
This effort is exerted in order to develop yourself to be that will bring you benefit in the coming days.

Face your compass toward what you want:

In order to improve your life in concrete has to be directed towards the compass of what you want to achieve goals through the following:

Be sure to record your goals, this leads to a consolidation in mind.
Make sure your goals are realistic and far from the imagination and impossible to reach.
Put an action plan to take actions to work.

See your Brexit Money Machines review goals and developed a plan on a permanent basis, and I know it does not work with the desperation and it does not have to reach for what you want as long as you plan properly and sound and realistic.
Do good Lord Gemayel:

As far as giving take, this is the law of the universe and the law of God Almighty that the optimizer ten times, so do not forget the poor and the needy and make sure to do good, but not bad from a portion of the income from financial income to the poor, as it is very important that the beautiful are given to those who Brexit Money Machine scam and helped you to develop yourself for the better.

Become Party of success:

It is known that the human is the son of his surroundings and often that his actions are in the middle, who lives by the reflection, and as long as the taste and the joy of success is only known successful, be sure to surround yourself with such They moved away from the negative, whether in your thoughts or persons. According to the law of attraction that man attracts I think, as long as you’re thinking positively sure that you get, or at least you’ll see everything from a positive point of view.

Dear reader, if the above is not everything, and there are plenty of ways in which guide you to how to develop yourself and improve your Brexit Money Machine income but you have to start from somewhere, and what already is the best beginning of a path to a better future.

Time in which we live really difficult time, difficult for the traditional people who kept all deposits last in their outlook on life, their view of the concept of success, their view of the means of raising money.

Stupid ideas .. the way content get rich quick !!!

Those who were brought up on traditional thinking in all matters of their lives – are the ones who find them everywhere around you, scurrying off in the morning to catch up with the date and job dull miserable, and that they receive from behind at the end of each month on a meager Brexit Money Machine salary, not nearly enough one week of the following month.

They also see them later raced to stand in a long queue waiting for government support – lean too – and get a pension appointed to life, after creeping gray hairs on their heads and look beyond sixty years of age.

Life miserable boring, it was great that they could make them full of success and wealth, and power and goodness ..
I ask God not to be – you and I – of those never!
Definition of the word (to rest), we usually have, is has a lot of cash and frozen .. This definition is not precise language of the people of Business and Finance.
Rest is achieved from behind his own project (not from behind a legacy or a gift or legacy) profit equivalent to one million dollars or more per year.

This is not an introductory Brexit Money Machines course, it is a definition (Martin Forbes) famous writer in the field of media and business.

Note that very strict and clear definition, and is required to be behind this wealth successful projects that you are doing .. It is not a successful project undertaken by your father or your grandparents, you inherited them money!

In the book (wealth young owners) – You will find him an Arabic version by the way – which he reviewed the models for 100 young people under the age of forty, some celebrated famous tyrant, and some of them did not get a great deal of popularity because it does not aspire to it .. it is only the fact that the wealth that hopeless, and he does not want anything other ..

The book reviews the experiences in the formation of their wealth, which looks all – without exception – crazy experiences for young fool fiddling try very stupid ideas!
But, however .. it achieved these ideas – stupid – fortunes of their respective owners ..
Some stupid ideas that made their owners rich!

# Create specialized in the manufacture of bakery (cakes for dogs) in the form of greatness .. with delivery service!

# Someone has issued five weekly magazines crazy .. one of them in a specialized magazine (windsurfing) .. specialized and Others (places lunch) at the weekend!

# Mobilization and distribution of soft drink flavored coffee ..

# Sale and purchase of waste recycling plants for promising ..

# Production of accessories and stylish accessories .. belts made from old car seats, and platelets remanufactured!

# Provide fast service: Organization of murder, suicide and traffic accidents sites ..!

# Scented candles manufacturing ..

# Publish magazines for (beauty and elegance) directed only to the African women ..

# Issuing a monthly magazine for the Association of University guitar music machine!

The idea came to him while in prison .. they made him a millionaire businessman! – True story

And many other ideas that you say about ideas (stupid and silly) .. made both carried out by the Is Quantum Code A Scam wealth of the owners!

These ideas percent, returns ranged between one million and five million US dollars for young people who have made .. but four ideas which have made enormous profits for their owners, are:

# Production of clothing for the sport of golf can be worn off the field .. also it made its owner $ 10 million

# Distribute bandages resistant mosquito bites is poison .. The cost of the project started only $ 25 by the way! .. And it achieved its owner profits exceeded $ 18 million ..

# Production of Sport European indexes, including all clothing, supplies and awards competitions, courses .. sport returned to its owner a profit exceeded $ 38 million ..

# Licensing Service (paper cutting) phones in 53 centers in the United States and Canada .. achieved owner profits exceeded $ 43 million ..

Of course the success of these young people was not easy, the road was not a bed of roses at all .. and all of them – without exception – went through difficult times difficult came close to losing all Maimlkon, and had to borrow money in the many stages of the success of their projects ..

Always remember that the requirements of each market .. and interests of each client .. and succeed in America and Europe, does not mean at all to succeed in the Arab world .. and vice versa, Is Quantum Code A Scam in the Arab world may not always succeed in other ..

However, success remains dependent on the base (innovative and simple to the extent that people are stupid and silly sees) ideas, coupled with work and patience and commitment .. This is the equation which achieved successful in any field, at any time, from any background, culture and homeland ..

If shined in your mind now seemingly stupid idea and its interior innovation, thou already halfway to get rich .. You do not need just some effort in the planning and execution!

An Inevitable Rise In Interest Rates

Financial markets may be relatively pessimistic and reduce the chances of an increase of US interest rates in the coming period, although there are encouraging readings and signs of recovery in the second quarter, which means that there is a possibility to move in June and July next.


Affirmed Dennis Lockhart Reserve Chairman QuantumCode in Atlanta, after encouraging readings of inflation and the emergence of signs of recovery from the first quarter, the possibility of raising interest rates. In an interview with the Financial Times Lockhart he said that if the data is still encouraging, it does not exclude this, although the possibility of raising interest rates in June low.

This may be a British referendum weigh especially since it will receive only a week after the US meeting means that it is unlikely that moves in over what will lead him step is to destabilize the markets and will be fraught with danger, leaving the door open as to whether the July best especially since many of the economic data, which covers the second quarter may have appeared as well as see the outcome of the referendum in Britain and mystery also surrounds the US political situation, with the imminent US presidential elections in November which means extraordinary circumstances may affect the financial markets and reflected on the fiscal policy of the US Vdirala path.

This reflected a judgment on the dates of the increases and makes it difficult to predict the timing Although Quantum Code Reviews said he did not rule out an increase in June and shared opinion John Williams Chairman of the Federal Reserve in San Francisco as well as Robert Kaplan and opinions task especially since the three men represent the views makers politics, even though they currently do not vote in the reserve meetings reinforces this trend say officials of the Fed they expect an increase this year by one percentage point may be to prevent the economy from overheating this, investors are skeptical and 32% of them only see the possibility of raising reserve board interest rate to 1 percent or more by the end of this year.
And absolutely the interest rates remain largely related to the signals on the US economy, but since April showed inflation readings and wage growth and the sectors of industry and the housing surge prompted policy makers to look seriously about the possibility of such an increase in the months of June or July next and if they see that they need more information they can wait a bit until things unfold internally whether at the level of the US elections, or at the level of the British referendum.

As well as the Federal Open Market Committee Is Quantum Code A Scam omitted from the last form «that the global economic and financial developments, still raises the risk» and replaced that officials are watching closely and the global situation, according to a statement issued on Wednesday after a two-day meeting in Washington kept Kan Reserve interest of without change. Here, it shall be noted that the change in an interview pattern reflects the comfort that the global effects seem more under control than before.

This data usually affect clearly to investors and financial markets, which are looking forward to and accurately data, trying to predict the possibility of these increases in the near term.

This, and moved the markets in proportion to these Quantum Code Reviews especially since the amount paid by Americans for goods and services saw the fastest increase in more than three years with rising gas and food, rent and health care costs, but the consumer price index increased only 1.1 percent during the twelve months years and remains far less than 2 percent of the expected Federal reserve. This is not to many investors still when doubts whether economic growth is strong and the Quantum Code System enough to raise interest rates any time soon.

So it may be a rise in interest in June or July next two stays related to assessing conditions and will thus depend on the decision of the economic data that show even meeting solutions in mid-June.

It remains a risk assessment is and what he calls policymakers balance the risks which were removed last January amid the financial market turmoil.

These moves and the price increase has not come at the beginning of this summer, especially as I have already mentioned that the important political matters except for the economic impact the global situation has made it premature to talk about such a move, which could happen before the end of the year inevitably if the encouraging economic data remained and if the political results of the approval aspirations.

But despite all those watching reserve movements Quantum Code System believes that America is hardly affected by the global the atmosphere and merely monitor domestic economic indicators have not attached much on the British referendum despite what would come with him from the risks in the European markets, but will look forward as always to domestic economic data without monitoring volatility in the global markets before the vote.

So keep the Michael Crawford issue of raising the interest rate-related and largely domestic economic data and keep financial markets interact with so what inevitably affect the Fed’s decision in the first division and class II-and Janet Yellen global economic data although it was based on strong job growth before the first increase in a decade benefits insisted currently forecast «gradually» and in the rate of increase for this year underscores the imperative to raise benefits without looking to the political things on the domestic and international arena.

Quantum Code Review

Quantum Code

Switzerland Refuses To Recognize Data Stolen From Banks

Switzerland Refuses To Recognize Data Stolen From Banks The Swiss government has condemned in its weekly meeting on Thursday evening foreigners stealing depositors in Swiss banks and the data is deemed walked. She expressed the hope Btl the German government for the purchase of such information.

Switzerland Banks
Switzerland Banks

Despite the confirmation of the Swiss Finance Minister Hans-Rudolf Merz told a news conference after the cabinet meeting of his country’s desire to continue negotiations with Germany, regarding the new bilateral agreement Double Taxation, refusing to take action against it. Only confirm that his country will not cooperate in the fight against tax evasion with the countries rely on their Is TrianaSoft A Scam information on the stolen data.

The varied reactions to the political level between Swiss parties, demanded far-right strict stance toward Germany, while the left and center-right saw the need to preserve the image of the Swiss financial scene develop new strategies for battling tax evasion and strongly committed to international Triana Soft Review cooperation in the face of this phenomenon. Socialists and focused on the financial reputation of Switzerland should be set out on the strength of the banking business fair and not through circumvent the laws.

The Swiss government stands critical stance against the pressures faced by detection of foreign assets in Swiss banks, reported in their countries of origin, which called on the United States and then France and now Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to claim the cooperation of Switzerland with them to detect evaders to pay taxes has paying off their dues are deducted from these deposits.

Since the German authorities announced that day its intention to purchase data for about 1,500 account holders in a Swiss banks before, suspected Pearson Profits Scam from paying their taxes at their institutions, even initiated by the Minister of Finance Swiss to connect with his German counterpart Wolfgang Schaeuble warning him that Switzerland was not cooperating judicially , based on the stolen data.

He pointed to the need to amend the double taxation agreement between the two countries, but the German minister said after the call in a press statement that his TradeXConfidential Review government is moving more likely to buy those data by about two and a half million euros.

At the same time Swiss Bankers Federation warned in a statement, from the feet of Germany on the use of the stolen data «because the move would lead to counterproductive results in the negotiations between the two countries on the possibility of modifying the double taxation agreement» and demanded that the Union of German authorities to prosecute the thief, instead of using such data .

It is clear that an appeal by the Minister of Finance and the Swiss Warning Union Swiss Bankers will not heeded as both Austria and the Netherlands announced yesterday Is My First Online Payday A Scam to take advantage of the data that Germany plans to buy to see if they include nationals of either country names as well, but calls for the two countries to get to know the data content obtained by France earlier this year.

The essential point of My 1st Online Payday Review contention between Switzerland and the world in the case, that Swiss law does not penalize the «tax evasion» but only on «tax fraud», while other states consider laws to evasion and tax fraud as a crime and one punishable by law.

The information which was acquired by France and contain depositors funds in a bank branch (HP SC) in Geneva, Sweat after French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s meeting with the Swiss Doris president on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, the two sides agreed to restore Switzerland data with the right France to keep a copy of them and not be relied upon in requests for judicial cooperation to prosecute evaders, or convert data to a third party without briefing note Switzerland.

Experts polled by «life» their views said that caving in Switzerland before the American judicial authorities and Tzlmiha data voluntarily depositors in Swiss banks, encouraged European countries on the need to delve into the subject. Germany can, for example, to get at least 100 million euros in the process.

He noted that the last team to rely on stolen data as evidence or document, customary both in the circles of the judiciary, diligent from a court ruling in 2007 by the Supreme Court approved the adoption of the federal authorities, the stolen data to circumvent the tax issues.

Peak Demand For Oil In Industrial Countries

The last monthly report referred to the International Energy Agency that oil demand in the countries of «Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development» (OECD) reached its limits. He attributed this important phenomenon to a contraction of the use of oil for heating and power generation and industrial uses.


The main reason for this phenomenon to a proliferation of instant trade in natural gas and expansion. The report emphasizes, for example, that the use of oil to generate electricity in OECD countries (industrialized countries) has fallen about 40 percent since 2000.

Despite the prospect of increased use of oil as a fuel for TrianaSoft transportation, the report adds that the production of cars with high fuel efficiency in the provision of hybrid cars Using solar or electrical energy or fossil fuels, in addition to conventional fuel, will reduce gradually the demand for gasoline and diesel. The report concludes «that the increased demand for traditional oils peaked in the OECD countries, and that this phenomenon will leave a negative impact on the refining sector in industrialized countries».

IEA predicts that oil demand will rise this year, and that most of the increase from emerging industrial countries and not come. The agency girl forecast for the increase in demand during the current year on the growth of the total output of the national income released by the International Monetary Fund forecast in January (January) last year.

And indicate the information contained in the TrianaSoft Reviews report that global oil demand will record the following rates: 86.2 million barrels per day in 2008 and fell with the global economic crisis to 84.9 million barrels per day in 2009, and is expected to rise to about 86.5 million barrels per day in 2010. As demand in the Middle East, it continues to rise, with a score of about 7.1 million barrels per day in 2008 and rose to about 7.2 million barrels per day in 2009, and is expected to rise to about 7.6 million barrels in the current year.

Oil demand in Asian countries has increased as well during the same period, reaching 25.6 million barrels per day in 2008 and 26.1 million in 2009 and 26.7 million in 2010.

The Triana Soft report is expected that demand for oil in countries not members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development rate in 2010 to about 41 million barrels per day, or about 4.5 million barrels per day less than industrialized nations.

What do these numbers mean? One of the main meanings in to talk about peak oil supply is out of place, they are just used a scarecrow to frighten the public opinion in the industrialized countries at high prices, the Middle East oil countries would be unable to meet the global demand for oil future needs. In the case of the health of the IEA forecasts, oil-producing countries should be wary of shrinking oil demand in industrialized countries.

This also reflects the expectation that it was narrated about earlier, an increase in demand from emerging countries, including the Middle East oil states themselves, which means the increase in oil consumption in the exporting countries themselves. This means a significant change in the importance of markets that go to the oil, and the oil-producing countries taking into account the changes in the markets and sizes, and then change its priorities and TrianaSoft Software investment in the light of these variables, and this is what is actually holds some time ago.

Very likely to become increasingly important with the growing expectations of the IAEA attention paid by industrialized countries to climate and the environment and to avoid pollution issues. New Programmes will negatively affect the demand for oil. But what are the overall effects of these environmental projects, and the speed of its impact on the demand for oil? And how the oil-producing countries will be able to adapt their balance sheets and expenses and investments in the light of the great environmental rush and reduced global demand for oil?

Scene of World’s Oil And A chance OPEC Historical

Earlier this month, yesterday the price of a barrel of oil to $ 85, and in the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) on the fourteenth of this month amounted futures price of US light crude barrel for May delivery (next May) $ 86 a barrel, the barrel Brent crude blend (Brent ) price recorded during trading on the same date of $84 a barrel, the average «OPEC» basket price of US $ 78.70 a barrel!


These prices are supported without a doubt the organization’s decision at its meeting on the seventeenth of last month in Algeria to keep its production ceiling unchanged, and the conferees from members requested commitment quotas for each Members, especially Iran, Venezuela and Angola, which has been exceeding the quota allocated to them, even though other members of the «OPEC» demand, led, of course, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states the commitment of those production quotas allocated to them.

Price continued to stabilize, but relative to climb despite these excesses inject countries outside the «OPEC» each barrel can produce in the international oil market, including the Russian giant oil production began to take his career to the upside since last year when the Russian production rate of about 10 million barrels a day for a few months, sporadic, and the Ministry expects the economy in that country to reach production during this year of about 10 million barrels a day.

It is worth mentioning that the Russian oil production rate at the moment more than the level of production of Saudi Arabia, the largest countries in terms of proven oil reserves at the international level (264 billion barrels), while Russian oil reserves up to 80 billion barrels!

If the concept of the stability of oil prices mean to reconcile the interests of producers and consumers, this stability in order to ensure this equation must be sustained long enough without shaking that rule, for example, a rocket up as his own language Price when I broke the threshold of $147 a barrel, so we found that the ministers « OPEC »who participated in the international energy Forum, which was held in the Mexican resort of Cancun in the first of this month, have confirmed that the stability of oil prices is the most important factor to attract investments in multiple oil fields, intended ministers from the concept of stable prices that hover between $ 70 and $ 80 a barrel and continue at that rate for a long time!

There is no doubt that this price stability needs to be cooperation between the producers of «OPEC» and outside of the major oil-producing companies and consumers, and this needs to be brave decisions, and therefore called on the ministers of the Forum to the necessity that the forum aims in his work to narrow the differences between oil producing countries and consuming countries and to the increase awareness of common their interests.

It is known that the stability of prices between $ 70 and $ 80 and not running aground a higher price achieves producing countries has many benefits, including that their budgets will see a surplus, as most oil-producing countries, especially the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), based their budgets on the revenues from oil at rates ranging from 85 and 95 percent and relied mostly average price between 45 and $ 50 a barrel, not to mention that this price limit competition from other sources of energy, and confirms the continuation of the oil stability that magical item only remain in this century, as was the case in the past century.

It follows the march Price finds it continued in the relative ascent over the past months despite the blurry recovery of the global economy, despite the fact that the commitment of «OPEC» ceiling production ratio not exceeding 62 percent, and despite the fact that the United States of America’s biggest oil consumer globally took oil imports in gradual decline since the eruption of the global financial crisis at home, fell and imports of the country with more than 1.5 million barrels per day, but this is offset declines rise in oil demand in emerging economies in China, which recorded a growth in data, which recently announced a high percentage It amounted to 11.5 percent and India and others, so we have seen that the price you drive a threshold of $ 85 earlier this month, jumped on Monday above $ 86 back Alhoeny hovering between 84 and $ 85 a barrel late last week, which is formatted relatively high especially with the IEA forecast international in its most recent report at the end of last week that oil demand will rise this year to reach 86.6 million barrels a day.

Despite the fact that imports of US oil took a downturn, but the Americans are hungry for oil and who occupied countries for it (Afghanistan and Iraq) are aware of the paramount importance of black gold, so President Barack Obama announced on Tuesday 30 March (March) last year in a speech at Andrews Base air near Washington DC partially lifted for a ban on drilling for oil and natural gas in the territorial waters of the country in the areas of the outer continental shelf. He said that the country has less than 2 percent of global oil reserves, and consumes about 20 percent of global production, and therefore called for the clean energy industry, and even considered a strategic challenge for the country, saying: «from China to Germany, that these countries realize that a country that leads the clean energy industry will lead the global economy.

It is important that the oil, despite what has been said and said about the alternative energy he will remain master of the wealth in this millennium, Vohmath continues to grow, and his empire branched roots stretch a shadow over world events of the wars and conflicts and disputes, and would be prices to fall and the rise in many seasons, and the «OPEC» but to roll up their sleeves its members to defend their interests to confirm their organization’s oil policy, which was for decades confined to the will of the industrialized consumer countries!

If union members «OPEC» may enter in limited periods of an amendment within the organization to achieve some interests through initiatives and decisions ambitious, despite the fact that the Organization’s role has become since 1986 is hardly confined to the establishment of quotas for its members after becoming the market is that control in setting prices , the global oil scene today gives «OPEC» historic opportunity to support its position in the international oil market in order to achieve its interests as an organization subjected to oil-consuming industrialized nations, to become its handle to the interests of both sides of the equation between producers and consumers in the oil market

Everyone Is Drowning In A Flood Of Oil

The International Energy Agency last report issued on the twelfth of this month, which coincided with the Organization of «OPEC» report, which was issued the day before, the agency increased its estimate for world oil demand growth by 50 thousand barrels per day from its estimate last month, and at the same time still It predicts that oil demand this year will reach 86.4 million barrels per day, at which time the agency lowered, which defends the interests of industrialized countries the demand for «OPEC» crude oil by 400 thousand barrels per day this year.


It is known that the agency always urges «OPEC» to increase their production, whether prices gained a sufficient share of the rise, or on the contrary, this is the goal (IEA), it has already in the early seventies of the last century, following the first oil tremor, stands in the face of «OPEC» and limit its control of the market, has been successful in several rounds, and will remain the conflict between «OPEC» and the IAEA as long as there is a point of oil, everyone will defend its interests in the global oil scene, the defense seems to project!

This view of the IAEA regarding the global demand matched estimates of the Organization of «OPEC» and the US Energy Information Administration growth despite the economic crisis in Greece, through its sovereign debt crisis, which may extend to other European countries, despite the fact that the European Union came to the rescue economy of that the country tens of billions of European currency (euro), Greece has already received 20 billion euros down payment, and despite the repercussions the «OPEC» in its latest Monthly raised its forecast for the size of the global oil demand this year!

The estimated «OPEC» size of the global oil consumption for 2010 at about 85.3 million barrels a day. And supplied reasons for this improvement, in the forefront of the global economy is improving at a steady pace, not to mention that the Chinese economy will increase the demand of oil by about 50 thousand barrels for this year, which is a key driver of demand growth, and thus the «OPEC» go in its recent report to say that the growth of oil demand in 2010 will be about 1.1 percent, for its part sees the international energy agency that the fundamental basis for the growth of demand for oil «OPEC» are from East Asian countries, especially India and China, which is leading economies strong rise in the march of oil demand growth. It analyzes the expectations of «OPEC» Energy Agency for International and US Energy Information Administration and the expectations of specialized centers, he believes that oil prices, which reached $ 87 a barrel, and was on its way to reach $ 100 a barrel, he finds that the prices with these expectations of demand growth has returned to take their march towards disembark.

Due not to rising oil prices in the summer period to factors, including the Organization of «OPEC» that aspire to fair prices to ensure the stability of the international oil market, in breach of some of its members their quota allocation, which have agreed to abide by them, and in the forefront of Iran, Venezuela and Angola, even incline members’ commitment in «OPEC» 51 percent to what has been pumped into the international oil market 29.25 million barrels per day, excluding Iraq, which is a production of about 2.5 million barrels per day.

The highlight of oil stocks held for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries to add another reason to stand in the face of rising prices, despite the large oil spill from the drilling rig belonging to the company (BP) in the Gulf of Mexico near the US shores, not to mention that «OPEC» pumping oil increases the need for market international oil and therefore prices fall industrialized nations and seize the opportunity to increase their stocks of oil, in addition to increasing the volume of oil stored at a naval oil tankers, and the recovery of the global economy still damaged Blur and these are key factors limiting the march higher prices!

If the «OPEC» the volume of supply from the oil-producing countries outside the Organization was estimated at 51.6 million barrels per day, an increase of 140 thousand barrels per day from the FAO estimated in a report last month, this highlights the fragility of the international oil market, the P «OPEC» does not comply with the ceiling which set itself, and countries outside the «OPEC» produce each barrel of oil can produce, and thus the international oil market becomes in the wind, stuck between «OPEC» and producing countries outside the major oil companies, and consuming countries, without coordination among these big players the result is out market stability to a state of instability, and thus hurt the interests of everyone.

So it seems that it is important that members of the «OPEC» stands united to stop this oil dumping in the international oil market. Everyone were passengers and one ship, and their fate is one, and if intentionally a passenger ship exceeded its stake, and this is what is happening, unfortunately, today, the result is the sinking of everyone in the flood of oil, and the members are aware of «OPEC» that their interests and one that consuming nations that sponsor interests and the international energy agency lurking b «OPEC» a long time ago.

Because the members of the «OPEC» are aware of that fact, the Ninth Arab Energy Conference, which was held in the Qatari capital Doha and finally concluded its work on 12 May this called in its recommendations to the dialogue between oil producers and consumers, to promote dialogue between these key states and parties that are directly related in the oil industry, there is no doubt that the Congress understands the importance of dialogue between the producers of «OPEC» and producing countries outside, so this recommendation came to reflect the orientations of the conference dedicated toward dialogue for the benefit of everyone.

The dialogue between the producers of the members of the «OPEC» and producing countries outside the foremost of course, Russia, Mexico, Norway and others of the greatest importance, everyone in the same boat facing consuming industrialized nations, which holds the International Energy Agency, Defense bravely about their interests and has succeeded over the past decades to rein in «OPEC» in most that occurred between the two sides.

Dialogue is the way that reaches through which the parties to the international oil market stable pumped what you need from the oil without resorting to dumping to increase its need and thus declining prices, but a price war could break out, and therefore, these countries their cooperation can largely determine the demand signs on in the near future, at least thus ensuring a fair price for producers and consumers, and stable oil market in the interests of all producers and consumers.

This cooperation through dialogue between producers and consumers which calm the storms that blow on the international oil market, in which to convince producing countries outside the «OPEC» shoulder its responsibilities to create an international oil market is stable, and finally guarantee Sailing «OPEC» ship’s security to reach safety.

Basel3 Are Laws To Prevent A New Financial Crisis?

Basel3 Are Laws To Prevent A New Financial Crisis? After the dreadful financial crisis the world has experienced during the past three years, and caused the banks, it was necessary to reconsider the international laws and the rules governing the work of banks. This is what actually happened last Sunday, September 12 .


The main amendments that called «Basel 3 rules» in the following: forcing banks to increase the funds allocated by the (reported as a reserve) to fill the financial gaps, in the event of a crisis or a shortage of cash, as happened in the recent credit crunch. This usually happens because of the scarcity of bad debt or bad debt, a debt that owners fail to repay the banks, and Then the bank bears the losses.
According to existing laws Currently, the banks allocating only 2 per cent of total loans as seed money up to make up for this loss, but the new Basel rules this figure increased more than three-fold to 7 per cent. It also encouraged «the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision,» the big banks to keep larger reserves than the proportion of the 7 per cent, because the collapse of such banks could destroy the entire financial system, but the Commission has not yet determined the additional percentage that expect large banks that adhere to. Indeed, the big British banks have raised their proportions, to a range between 13.7% ( «Barclays» Bank) and 9.2 per cent ( «Lloyds» Bank).

It stresses the new laws that in the event a bank in breach of these rules, which fell reserve funds ratio has about 7 per cent, will be eligible for financial authorities to prevent the bank from distributing dividends to shareholders, or the granting of financial rewards for its employees, or even pay cuts.

In order for banks can keep up with such a large increase, it must either raise their capital (through new shares initial public offering, or find other sources of funding), or reducing the size of their loan. In both cases, it needs some time. So it has been awarded «Basel» new agreement banks until 2019 an opportunity to apply these rules College, that the application gradually starts with the beginning of 2013. By 2015 the banks must have raised the reserve funds to 4.5 percent, which is what is known as «core tier – one capital ratio», then lift them by a further 2.5 per cent by 2019, which is known as the «counter – cyclical». Also, some states lobbied for the adoption of additional protection ratio at a rate of 2.5 per cent, the total up to 9.5 per cent, so that imposes this requirement in times of prosperity. However, the group «Basel» have failed to agree on the procedure and left his command to the individual states.

* Welcome and apprehensive at the same time

* Although the majority of economists and financial officials in Western countries have welcomed the new laws, some of them have expressed fears that the move lead to put more financial pressure on banks, so are forced to reduce their lending volume, which in turn will affect negatively on economic growth, and out of the recession that is still plaguing Western economies.

In this regard, he said the «Middle East» Adrian Kltrbak, from the Bank of «Barclays» that «the majority of companies and businesses, especially medium-sized and small, rely heavily on bank loans and facilities that you get from the banks. Whenever these sources dried receded course business activities and expansion in business, which also means a decline in the creation of new jobs, and perhaps an increase in unemployment. This will result in a contraction of economic activity, because the banking system is the lifeblood of economic life, it is like the oil in which they operate car engines. »

However, the opponents of this view, such as of «Bank of America – Merrill Lynch,» said the «Middle East» The old rules, which require banks to 2 per cent only seed money up, allowed banks to enter into loans and high investment risk without the have enough money to fill the gaps in the event of lost these loans or investments failed. This makes the bank vulnerable to bankruptcy, and displays the entire economy at risk, as happened in 2007 and 2008 when it collapsed, or almost collapsing, the majority of the big banks, not for government intervention, spending billions of dollars to bail them out.

And of course everyone is paying the mistake the banks at all costs, because the government funds came from the public treasury and the taxpayers’ money.

Perhaps it boils views are opposing are as follows: one says that the new laws will ensure the non-collapse of the banks if there were a new financial crisis, while the other opinion says that these laws will be imposed on the bank to keep billions of dollars in reserve while must be spent on the economy at this particular time in order to help revive and take it out of recession. And perhaps views are also reflected in the positions of major countries, because the United States and Britain were want to apply the new laws as soon as possible (max. 2018), while Germany was like to be applied in 2023, after confirming that the economy has already emerged from recession.

Social Networking Sites For Business

Social Networking Sites For Business Social networking sites are a collection techniques available on the World Wide Web, which people use for the purposes of communication and interaction. This concept offers recently to raise a huge fuss, and I mean this concept all means of electronic communication available in the atheist and the twentieth century, and used some individuals the concept of social media widely, and to describe the different types of cultural phenomena that involve communication, not only communicate techniques, too often, for example, uses people term social media to talk about the content provided by the users, whether in writing or publishing Phoenix Trading Reviews using means of electronic publishing, it is worth mentioning that the majority of forms of sites social networking is an electronic, and give users the ability to communicate and interact with each other using computers, smart phones, the Internet and other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing Strategy Examples
Social Media Marketing Strategy Examples

How evolved social networking sites and social media include all the tools that are used for interaction between different individuals, it is worth mentioning that the word Media have been used largely to refer to those forms of communication, and with the information revolution, the Internet and the emergence became the term spread of the largest, and now has more features exceeded the old Phoenix Trading Reviews methods such as television, newspapers and radio, where it became include discussion forums and angles available on the Internet, that appeared in 2000, some social networking sites, which opened a wider space for the exchange of information and media.

Forms of social communication ranging social networking sites, the mismatch also social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and provide electronic methods on the Internet, in order to organize and manage communication between people individually or Phoenix Trading Reviews groups, usually granted social networks of the pioneers of the ability to form groups, and give them the opportunity to communicate .

It forms of communication also codes that grant micro-blogging service, and there are some ways that give the ability to share video like YouTube, and some of them to share pictures like Instagram and Flickr services provided by some means, such as holding meetings remotely, shopping, buying and selling remote, and talk the existence of an end to the proliferation of these means in Phoenix Trading Reviews contact, there is no indications that this matter soon, on the contrary, it is noticeable that this means taking a wider dimensions and spread further, as it is many of the innovations and ideas that can arise from these Citadel LTD Review sites, and on available Although there are some drawbacks to this means, but we have to admit that it has a set of positives on the lives of many people, in terms of facilitating communication in spite of the increasing distance between them and travel.

Internet is a modern tool newest and fastest growing in the modern era; This network has been able in two decades to link all of the world’s population each other is not seen. The network began to emerge in the second third of the twentieth century, has gone through several Citadel LTD stages until I got to the stage that do not find the zone, however, has covered the Internet, Internet has reached advanced and sophisticated phase especially in the enormous speed at the present time, it has become a role pivotal and key; It manages all aspects of life and everyday tasks and functions.

The benefits of the Internet to communicate with others in any part of the earth spots no matter how long the distance. Transfer information easily and conveniently, whether images or data tables, or videos in seconds or minutes to anywhere in the world.

Facilitate the search and translation, and provide us with information of persons and companies without the need to question them. Bring the world between the different peoples and races and religions, sects and beliefs, has helped in the prevalence of various means of social communication tethered to the Internet, everyone has been able to communicate and acquaintance easily and conveniently, and understand each other more deeply and continue easier.

Improve the general culture of human beings: Because access to information has become more accessible and easy time of need her various possible ways available without the need for big trouble and without the need for mobility, and with the possibility to download books and all sources of information from the Internet. Availability enjoy different hobbies ways, such as: the presence of movies and games, and the development of Einstein Method Software talents and hobbies to listen and attend videos and various lectures instead of going to college and traveling to receive information and advice, and can play games and read books and practice a hobby of writing and hobbies different sciences.

Being able to spend widgets and duties with ease; where facilitated network through which access to electronic transactions and correspondence between institutions and companies, which provides the staff and customers money and long time, you can pay bills and purchase from the Internet, and can be paid airline tickets and booking enormous and services and large provided by the network.

Shopping, purchasing and payment through the World Wide Web (Internet). Dealing with banks without wasting money and effort; banks where customers are encouraged to use the Internet constantly and permanently. Browse and read newspapers and electronic newspapers and the exchange of information and news in anywhere around the world. Many people benefit from the Internet as a source of profit and a source of Einstein Method Scam trade, sales locations, and locations of export and import, and a lot of trades that have become dependent on the Internet by a large margin and sometimes 100%. It was way to search for jobs and apply.